Etiquette for Men

      Etiquette Expert Kimberly Stephens showed Dave dating etiquette for men.

      Tip # 1 Do men have to go to the door when picking up a lady, or can he just text her he has arrived? ....Always go to the door. When walking with a lady...always nice to put your hand on her back...You do so by placing the tips of your fingers in the base of her lower back. When walking with a lady...always nice to make sure you are on the street side...You do so by taking her elbow and guiding her to the inside of the sidewalk, so you are on curbside.

      Tip # 2 When you arrive at your destination ....always nice to know how to help her take off her coat. ALSO, KNOW how to take off your own coat...You do so by lowering her coat down enough to wear her hands are relaxed reaching back. (Not hands backward, up in the air, trying to find the sleeve.)

      Tip # 3 When getting settled together, whether it is at a home or club.......always nice to find a safe place for her purse. QUESTION, KNOW the answer men! Find a safe place for it.

      Tip # 4 During a meal, do men order for women? YES......It is always nice for the gentlemen to give 2 examples of what he is thinking about ordering. Then, when the woman replies or comments about her meal and what she is deciding upon...that is when a man can say, " I can tell the waiter what you would like on your potato, what would you like on it?

      Tip # 5 What do you do with your hands and arms at the table? Body language for men...... should be open, no elbows on the table.

      Tip # 6 Do you leave her at the front of the restaurant to go get the car? .....always nice....YES. You can move her using great body language and guide her to the side of the front door and squeeze her elbow and say ( or whisper) "Wait here, I will be right back with the car."

      For etiquette questions you can email Kim here.