Everyday Smokey Eye How-To

      Makeup Artist Kelly Peach says we can wear a smokey eye everyday -- if we apply it the right way! She stopped by to share her tips.

      You'll find more great tips from Kelly Peach on her YouTube channel.

      Achieving a smokey eye can seem scary and difficult, but it's super easy with just a few steps. Smokey eyes also have the bad rep for making eyes look smaller, but they can actually make them look bigger -- if applied correctly.

      First, prep your face with foundation and concealer.

      • I applied Embryolisse Secret de Maguilleurs to the under eye before applying her foundation.
      • The foundation I used is Face Stockholm Picture Perfect which is a cream based product.

      Then apply the eye shadow.

      • I like the Mally cream eyeshadow stick in Gunmetal.
      • When applying this to the lid, apply it more in a messy/ dot like way, instead of a perfect line, this will help to blend and make it look softer.
      • Use your fingers or with a fluffy brush to blend more.
      • You then want to open your eye and look straight forward and blend at the socket of the eye. If you have a hooded/mature eye this is great to give you a lift and more shape to the eye.

      Then, apply a black eyeliner

      • I like black Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner in Onyx, and apply it to the lash line.
      • Apply this like tiny dots instead of a straight line.
      • Then apply the liner under the eye in the same motion, small dots.
      • If you have mature eyes only apply the liner half way.
      • Then take a fluffy brush and blend the liner under the eye.
      • You can also add more of the Mally Cream shadow you used on the lid to add more dimension to the eye.