Extreme Experiment to Challenge Homophobia

      It was an extreme experiment to challenge his own beliefs, but we can all learn from it. Portland author Timothy Kurek was raised within the confines of a strict, conservative Christian denomination. When a friend came out as a lesbian, and revealed she had been excommunicated by her family, Timothy decided the only way to empathize and understand her pain was to walk in the shoes of very people he had been taught to shun. He decided to come out as a gay man to everyone in his life, and to see for himself how the label of gay would impact his life. His experiences are detailed in the new book, The Cross in the Closet, which he shared with us.

      • Book Signing

      • Friday, November 2 at 7:00pm

      • St. Johns Booksellers

      • 8622 North Lombard Street, Portland

      For more information, visit Timothy's website.