False Eyelashes 101

      Makeup Artist Kelly Peach says false eyelashes are becoming more common for everyday wear and are easy to apply too. She stopped by our studio to share her step-by-step tips.

      Giving your eyelashes a great curl or individual false lashes can make a huge difference. Sometimes we are scared to use them, but they are so easy. Here are a few steps to help you:

      Make sure to curl your lashes when they are clean, before applying mascara or the false lashes.

      • Open the eyelash curler and rest it the base of the lashes.
      • Close and hold for 15-30 seconds and open.
      • Now, take a dot of your eyelash glue and apply it to the back of your hand.
      • Allow it to dry a little so it becomes tacky.
      • Take a pair of tweezers and grab an individual eyelash.
      • Dip the eyelash end into the glue and apply to root of your natural eyelashes -- not on your skin.
      • Add as many as want for your desired look.

      When choosing a size for indiviual lashes most lashes have 3 sizes in a packet. Using the small and medium sizes are best for a natural look and using the large size is for a more dramatic look

      Products Kelly used:

      • Eyelash curler-Shu Uemura
      • Eyelash Glue-Ardel white glue
      • Eyelashes-Velour cluster lashes