Fashion Q & A

      Fashion Editor and Wardrobe Stylist, Eden Dawn, stopped by to answer some of your most burning fashion-related questions. You'll find more information about Eden Dawn here.

      Q. When shopping for clothes, I have heard that you should never listen to the store attendants when they tell you something looks good. Is that true? And if so, how do you really know if something looks good on you?
      A. I don't agree always. Many stores like Nordstrom work on commission so if you ahte it and bring it back they actually lose their money so they WANT you to like it! But the trick I always do is snap a photo of myself in it. Because A, pictures don't lie and B, you can text it to a friend for a quick opinion!

      Q. For summer, I'm at a loss for what to wear on hot days without looking like a total slouch. I feel like I'm too old (45) to wear shorts, but jeans are too hot. Any ideas?
      A. Maxi Skirts!! I agree with the shorts thing at 33!!

      Q. Are pleats and high-waisted pants/skirts really back in style? Weren't we told that pleats are unflattering and make a tummy look even bigger?
      A. Pleats are definitely tricky and better for a petite person to add curves. High waisted can be very flattering IF it hits you at the right spot.

      Q. If you could pick the perfect evening clutch that goes with everything..what would it look like?
      A. Something in a neutral color, like a great metallic and has enough room for the essentials.

      Q. What are the top 5 things in your closet you wear all the time.and why?
      A. FOR THE SUMMER -- Not necessarily together but things that work for everyone over 30:
      Maxi dress (allows you to stay cool without showing off too much)
      A great knit blazer (the knit means it doesn't wrinkle, and can dress up anything, even a T-shirt and jeans)
      Wedges (dressy enough to go out, but far sturdier than heels)
      Great pair of sunglasses (the skin around our eyes is super sensitive, invest in a stylish pair that actually becomes part of your outfit WHILE protecting your eyes and keeping crows feet away)
      Sheer blouse. (you can change the look by what you layer underneath, but also keeps you cool and breezy while staying mostly covered)