Faux or Real Plants?

      Interior Designer Jonathan Hopp, author of Interior Bliss, shared his thoughts and advice on using faux or real plants when decorating your home. Jonathan says that if you don't have the time to maintain real flowers or the budget to replace them on a regular basis, why not have something that completes a space and adds to the beauty in a room.

      There are a few rules to follow if you want to employ "permanent" plants
      * Choose foliage and flowers that look realistic. Go with your gut instinct; if it looks fake when you first see it, don't buy it.
      * Don't use plants that are not native to the area in which you live. A cactus will look strange in most Northern climates.
      * Avoid pre-made arrangements. There is such a thing as too perfect, and its a dead giveaway that says "fake plant". Shake up your creativity and choose foliage that speaks to you.
      * Be generous when you use artificial flowers. Abundant arrangements are far more striking to look at.
      * Select containers that reflect your design style and decor. The great thing about artificial plants is that they don't require soil or water, so you can use almost anything as a container.

      Decorating Tips:

      * If you don't have the money to change out plants or flowers regularly, "permanent botanicals" are a smart solution that will help to finish off an interior.
      * When using artificials, select items that reflect your style. Succulents may be better in a modern interior. Tulips or hydrangeas may be a better selection for a country or shabby chic room. Simple greens or branches are a good addition to a rooms that are more transitional.
      * Be abundant when you use botanicals. Sometimes more is more! And since you're not replacing them regularly you can probably afford a few more stems.
      * Choose interesting containers. The great thing about artificials is that they don't require water, soil or any attention. The better part is that you can use anything as a container. A larger container, or a basket can create a powerful impact in a space.
      * Create your own arrangements. Use pictures for inspiration, then find your own style and experiment. Another benefit of permanent plants is the stems don't break off, and you can re-use them over and over.