Feed Your Best Friend Better

      When his best friend, a Lab-mix named Jackson, was diagnosed with Lymphoma and given a year to live, Rick Woodford comforted his ailing pet and encouraged his appetite with home-cooked food. When Rick saw Jackson's health, energy, and appetite dramatically improve as a result,
      he made it his mission to investigate the healing power of nutrition for dogs. His extensive research led him from dozens of veterinary manuals and nutrition textbooks back to the kitchen, where he invented healthy recipes that helped kick the cancer into remission and added healthy,
      happy years to Jackson's life.

      Rick brings this knowledge and experience to pet parents everywhere in Feed Your Best Friend Better: The Dog Food Dude's Guide to Easy, Nutritious Meals and Treats. Designed for maximum nutrition as well as maximum convenience, Feed Your Best Friend Better includes recipes for daily meals, special treats, and easy supplements for complete canine nutrition. Using his easy-to-understand breakdown of the nutritional needs of dogs, Rick dispels the myth that there is "dog food" and "people food," and proves that fresh ingredients in the right proportions are just as valid for the dog's bowl as they are for our own plates.

      Look for his Oatmeal Cookies recipe on our web page.