Finding the Right Vacation Care for Your Pet

      Preparing your pet for spring break .if you don't have a plan for your pet by now, you may have to cancel your own plans! Pet Expert Cheryl Hansen had tips for where to board your pet. If you're interested in the loveable poodle Cheryl had with her or in adopting your own pet click here.

      Option 1In Home care (approx $15-25) daily depending on needs and pets)
      Neighbors, friends, family VS. professional services (Dog walker vs petsitter)
      Be clear in expectations
      Post all emergency contacts and health/vet information
      Be honest about pet behavior and habits
      Warn the neighbors, tell sitter/walker about anyone else expected in your house during your absence
      Option 2Boarding care (approx $20-50 a night)
      How to prepare your pet for boarded care. Think summer camp for a kid.
      Take your pet to the facility, get acquainted with caregiver, short overnight stay as an introduction
      Be sure vaccinations, flea meds, worming are up to date and all contact info is current, bordatella is critical to protect against kennel cough
      Be honest about behavior/habits. Does the dog climb fences? Chew bedding? Does it need extra activity to remain sane?
      Don't overfeed or treat prior to admission into facility.stress could cause digestive issues
      Pack your pets favorite things, include a personal item of yours. Know what you CAN bring per rules. Bedding usually needs to fit into a washer/dryer for ease of cleaning.
      TRAVELING ALONG. Again.summer camp mentality.
      Car --water/food bowls, bedding, chew toys, long leash for rest areas, clean up products, poop bags and PATIENCE, plot out stays in pet friendly hotels
      Planereserve well in advance, airline approved kennels, limited in-cabin pets, chew toys, clean up stuff, vet assistance in determining need to sedate
      TrainsNO Busesunder 25 lbs at the discretion of the bus company
      Click here to find a pet sitter in your area.