Five Home Improvements to Sell Your Home This Spring

      Real Estate Expert Tammy Beckley had tips for getting your home ready to sell this spring!

      1. Paint that tired looking front door! And, while you are at it, add some container plants and new decorative street numbers.

      2. Pressure wash and stain your deck. Decks in Oregon get tired looking very easily which can make a home look 10 years older than it really is.

      3. Add colorful outdoor container plants! Arrange pots in collections of 3's and 5's and use varying heights. Try to pick flowers in colors that compliment the paint color of your home.

      4. Crown Moulding and Baseboard. Install or at least paint what is there and make sure it's nick free! Mouldings should always be painted white and glossy!

      5. Replace hardware on doors and cabinets. Make sure all is matching! They even make hardware spray paint you can use to do this if replacing is out of the budget.

      6. Replace those dated lighting fixtures! Especially in key areas of your home such as entry, dining room and bathrooms. Those cheap brass hardware store fixtures have got to go!

      Plus, get all carpets cleaned, weed and seed your lawn and keep it mowed and tidy, and clean, clean, clean up your house!