Fun Ways to Get Kids Moving

      Fitness Champions Jacque and Jacy Johnston joined us to prove that fitness really can be fun! They showed fun ideas for how to get kids moving.

      1) WARM-UP; (cardio endurance - good for tummy muscles too) Hula hoop - "Start them young & keep it fun"

      2) FLEXIBILITY; Stretch while muscles are warm

      • 2a) Row-the-boat -middle splits (with Jacy to demonstrate, then Dave. Jacy will do on her own as I work with Dave). Sure to get lots of smiles & giggles!
      • 2b) Banana boat (build up to it) - more fun & giggles!

      3) BALANCE & COORDINATION: Again progressions;

      • Start with plank alone; insure understands how to hold their own weight & proper technique; straight arms & tight core/ "tummy muscles"; Wheel barrow; with Jacy first & then with Dave

      4) STRENGTH;

      • 4a)push-ups; I will start as I did when she was a baby by kissing her; then Jacy does her own to the side of me; then Jacy does them on my back
      • 4b) Leg presses; with Jacy