Fun Ways to Sneak in Exercise

      If you think you don't have time to exercise, think again! Group Fitness Instructor Charli Nesbitt stopped by to show us fun ways to sneak a little exercise into our busy days.

      Grocery store:

      • Hold your grocery bags the hard way.

      • Park your cart instead of pushing it and carry your bags w/ an isometric bicep curl and walk them to your car

      Desk or Car:

      • Pull your lap away from your lap belt at every red light (30 sec to a minute)

      • Clench your cheeks when sitting (isometric glute squeeze)

      • Reset your posture at your desk/sitting at the carpool pick up lane at school

      • At your desk: hover and tuck knees (1 or both), push up off the seat, hover a squat

      • Write the alphabet with your feet (dorsiflexes ankle, stretches calves, strengthens A.T. esp for women who walk around in high heels)

      At Home:

      • Wall sits while brushing teeth (2 minutes, twice a day)

      • Sprint up the stairs or lunge on the stairs (or on the floor) while: waiting for water to boil, reheating coffee, popping popcorn

      • Stand at the kitchen counter while reading facebook and do calf raises