Gear Up for Bicycling

      This time if year you can expect to see an increase in the number of people riding bikes across the Metro Area. Families are heading back to school on their bikes, and thousands of people are gearing up to ride the Bicycle Transportation Alliance's Bike Commute Challenge this September. Stephanie Noll, Programs Director with the BTA joined us simple safety tips:

      • Make sure your bike is road-ready: Just remember the A-B-C safety check. That stands for Air in the tires, Brakes, and Chain.
      • You don't need special gear, but the essentials are lights, a lock, and a helmet.
      • Choose the right route: You can use online tools and bike maps to figure out which streets are best for you and your riding style. Neighborhood greenways are low-traffic, low-speed streets that are comfortable for families and many riders.
      • Riding in traffic: Same rules apply when you're riding as when you're driving. Stop at stop signs and lights, signal your turns, ring your bell when passing slower riders and pedestrians. Ride courteously and predictably.
      • Drivers should remember to look for riders approaching before you turn right across a bike lane. Remember there are people of all sizes riding bikes -- that includes small kids and adults on recumbent bikes.
      • Biking to work is fun and easy! Challenge yourself and coworkers to try it this September. The BTA's Bike Commute Challenge will help you track your miles and calculate CO2 saved and calories burned.

      Want to join the Bike Commute Challenge? Visit this website to sign up. If you have questions about biking, visit the Bicycle Transportation Alliance website.