Get a Jump Start on Your New Year's Revolution

      Now is the most powerful time of the year to take an honest look at where you are in your life. How you transition into the new year sets the tone for the entire year to come. Confidence Coach Laure Redmond joined us to share her top picks:

      1. Identify ONE thing you want to leave behind and ONE thing you want to transform in your life. Mentally establish your intention and commitment.
      2. Don't allow yourself to gain a lot of holiday weight. Instead STOP EATING your way through the holidays; pay attention to your feelings instead.
      3. Say what you really think, not what you think you should.
      4. Start each day with this mindful-three-point-plan: A. deep breathing B. fresh air C. pick a WORD for the day that motivates, inspires and supports your intention.
      5. Pause at the water cooler and start listening more. Listening is as important as talking; take more deep breaths before speaking.
      6. When things get tough, have a plan. Similar to the way we are taught to drop and roll if on fire, you want to have a plan in place when hard times happen.
      7. If exercise were a pill you would take it. A recent study from Harvard and Stanford found that exercise is as good ~ or in some cases better ~ than prescription medication for protecting against heart attack, stroke, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and memory loss.
      8. Sometimes you have to let go of the life you planned in order to make the life you are meant to live. You can't change the past, but you can create a new ending.

      For more helpful tips, visit Laure's blog.