Get in a Garden Workout

      Yard work can be overwhelming this time of year but it can be a great way to get in exercise too! Certified Personal Trainer, Danile Iversen, showed us how to get the most out of gardening! Join Daniel this Saturday at 10:00 am for Pushups for Charity which benefits wounded military men and women both retired and active duty. Click on "Participate" to find a location near you.

      Pushups For Charity is a simple way for people to "get fit, have fun and make a difference." All you do is as many pushups as you can in 90 seconds - just one time at a Pushups for Charity event - and ask your friends, family and co-workers to donate fifty cents or one dollar for each pushup you do in those 90 seconds (the average donation certainly won't break the bank for anyoneand every dollar helps).

      It doesn't matter if you can only do 10. Every pushup counts. Because every pushup raises money for charity, and every dollar goes directly to the charity.