"Get Married This Year"

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      What singles should know as they look for love:

      • Give the message you've got time for a good marriage. Harried is not a good date look. You need to be relaxed and ready for a date to seem eligible for courting and mating

      • A date is not your therapist, priest, or rabbi. This is no time for dumping your problems or true confessions

      • Fill out the Spouse Shopping List and apply it (page 29-31)

      • Wasting time is number one love block. Please don't have another cup of coffee with someone who is not a possible keeper

      What all couples should know to keep love alive:

      • Keep the bait on the hook. What lured your mate will keep him or her happy and is an implicit vow. The way you treat your love before marriage is a promise you need to keep

      • Character assassination is not foreplay. It is hard to kiss the lips at night that chewed you out all day long. Anger is not necessary and is unproductive.

      • Love is an action verb. You can't feel in love every moment but you can act loving. Your behavior can help your in-love feelings return.