Get Swimsuit-Ready Without Dieting

      There is something about the weather getting "hot in here" that makes the winter hibernator panic! Self-esteem coach Laure Redmond, author of Feel Good Naked, joined us with an easy, bathing suit-ready plan, no diets required:

      1. It's Not About Cellulite It's about your smile ... If you are happy, who even cares about your cellulite ~ David Cassidy said it best, "get happy" and the rest will follow.

      2. Chemicals are the Enemy Pay attention to every single nutritional label you are eating or drinking.

      3. Denial is the Problem Whether it's your body weight, job or relationship ~ it's time to face the demons in your life head on ~ so you can be FREE from the weight of your own unhappiness.

      4. Write Yourself a Love Letter Paint it, write it, plant it ~ create a reminder of how awesome you are so you can be reminded each day to get-in-touch with your best self.

      5. Green is Energizing Every Day for the next 30 days, have at least ONE green ingredient that isn't cooked.

      6. Move to the Groove Don't put exercise in the "punishment" category of your brain, instead, think of it like "sex".

      7. Re-Raise YOURSELF Rarely do we like the way we were brought up, so change it by getting in touch with what is available to you right now in PRESENT time. The past is gone, over, never coming back!

      8. Don't Be Fooled by Imagery It's easy to think your bathing suit is out-dated and it might be, but DO NOT be fooled by newer items that are not attuned to your true comfort. Find help in the department stores, but don't get sucked into the wrong agenda and BEWARE of the internet when you're feeling fat.

      You'll find more tips from Laure on her blog.