Get To Your Goal

      Are your New Year's resolutions harder to keep than you thought they would be? Psychotherapist and life coach Didi Zahariades, MA, joined us to share the five questions to ask yourself to set and achieve ANY goal as well as stay on track along the way!

      1. Ask: WHAT is your goal? What specifically do you want to achieve? You need to be able to define your goal. Be Specific. A goal becomes achievable when it is detailed and clear. This takes time. You can't be quick (or minimal) in your vision. This is for you, by you, because of you and will require you to participate. The creation of the "what" is the forming of your vision of success. You need to be able to see it.

      2. Ask: WHY do you want to achieve this goal? Take the time to consider the why behind your goal; why is this the year; why do you want this? Understanding the underlying meaning of this goal as it relates to your life will provide motivation in the months ahead.

      3. Ask: HOW will I achieve it? Life doesn't just change because you want it to; it takes literal steps to effect change and to attain a goal. You must create a Plan of Action if you want to achieve a goal. Small or large; it takes clarity and specifics to make life improvements.

      4. Ask: Are you willing to do WHAT it takes to get what you want? You have to participate. The vision is important; the positive attitude is important; the ability to set deadlines is important; but you have to make a Commitment. A goal is just a wish without it. It is easy to say you will do something; it is much harder to keep a commitment to making a change; taking the steps; putting in the work.

      5. Ask: WHEN do you want to start & end this goal? An active timeline is imperative to the achievement of a goal. You must evaluate your starting point, define what success will look like along the way, and create a timeline of achievement. --- Consider all goals like weight loss; you have to be willing to get on the scale, look in the mirror, and be honest about your starting point as well as stepping on the scale along the way.

      At the end of each day; take this to B.E.D. with you:

      • Believe it. Challenge yourself to be consistent with positive thinking.

      • Evaluate your goal. Are you hitting the deadlines? How can you improve?

      • Daily steps of action. What am I going to do tomorrow towards my goal?

      For more information, visit Didi's website.