Get Younger without Spending a Penny

      A shift in your attitude can take years off your age and add years to your life. Psychotherapist and life coach Didi Zahariades, MA, joined us with four secrets to take years off your age, while improving your daily life too!
      1. The Age you Feel is the Age we See It may be time to 'check-in'on You! A few popular motivational statements are: 'If you believe it, you will achieve it.' And, 'Whether you think you can or you think you can't; you are probably right.' Often our mind makes a decision & then we kind of catch up to it. If you think you are old, boring, aged, & wrinkly, then you probably present this same way. Hence, the opposite is also true: Believe with a youthful mind & you will immediately appear younger! A few quick secrets: Check your posture: Young kids stand straight., Check your smile: Wrinkles disappear when a smile appears!, Frowning comes from bad moods, a poor attitude, complaining & other uncomplimentary behaviors. Remember your mom saying, 'You don't want your face to get stuck like that!', Check yourself out! Consider the amount of time a teen spends in the mirror verses a busy mom. So, what about you? Did you take a few extra minutes just for you? Or
      2. Be fun & child-like; boredom is Aging Fun is defined as: Enjoyment or Playfulness. Does this describe you? Did it? Often we get caught up in the day-to-day of life activities & we forget to play. Or we have become stuck in our adult-role and concerned about what others may think. Or if it's appropriate. Take your self-confidence to another level by laughing and remembering the joy of play. Consider the last time you thought, 'Wow she seems so young! I can't believe she's' What was that person doing? Most likely she was having fun. When you let go & live life, your age becomes a non-factor yet if you do the same 'old' activity it often feels old. Hence so do you. Grab a spark of inspiration and try something 'new' which will stimulate the same emotion within you. Challenge yourself --- this weekend --- to try something new!
      3. Get Moving & Be Active The reality of life is you need to fight the aging clock, although this doesn't need to be scary. It can become routine; as easy as brushing your teeth & taking a shower. If you want to be younger, you need to be healthy. Yes you can rock it like a twenty-year old for the rest of your life, if you take care of you. Make moving a normal part of every day. It is a simple secret of the young; being fit makes life easier. Often active people appear younger; there is an automatic belief of --- Oh I wish I could still do that! Who says you can't? Get out & enjoy the energy of those younger in age & then relish your own youth.
      4. Start Dreaming & Never Stop: Learning is Living When is the last time you allowed yourself to Dream Big? As a child, the whole world supports our dreaming. As a young-adult, the questions are always; 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' Then what happens; when do you stop dreaming? Push yourself to dream. Even the pleasure of a day-dream during the day can take you on a mini-vacation. Consider your life and what you want it to be? Reach towards something you haven't done before & figure out a way to do it, learn it, or even teach it. This will push your mind to grow as well as give you something exciting to discuss. Just an invigorating discussion can kick up your energy!

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