Great Gift Ideas for Women & Teen Girls

      Fashion Stylist and Blogger Rebecca Alexander Pickrel joined us today with great ideas on what to get the females on your gift list! You'll find more great fashion tips on Rebecca's blog, Prey for Fashion.

      1. Winter Accessories: We all need to bundle up but for those of us who want to bundle up in style there are a few high fashion choices available to us this season.

      • Leather gloves: these are an investment piece and no fashionista could turn them down. Choose a fawn colored leather so that they go with more items in a wardrobe. Don't fuss over sizing, just choose the smaller of your options.
      • Printed scarf: There are a lot of wool options out there to keep you warm and with wool you have the added element of waterproofing! Prints in a fashionista's favorite colors will go with everything.
      • Cloche hat: Named for their bell shape that fits them close to your head, cloches are comfy and look good on any face shape. They come mostly in felted wool, waterproof and warm. These hats fit well over the ears so they will keep your fashionista warm and cozy on a night out.

      2. Jewelry:

      • Trendy Holiday Items: Adding a seasonable piece to your fashionista's collection is a game winner. I love the jewel toned, collar length necklace and green teardrop earrings because they can be worn day or night.
      • Monogrammed Pieces: Both fashionable and personal, monogrammed jewelry is a keepsake item for any fashionista on your list.

      3. Window Shopping with a Stack of Catalogs: Remember when the Toys-R-Us catalog came in the mail as a kid? My mom used to let us go through and initial just what we would like Santa to bring. Well this gift idea is the grown up version! Grab a stack of fashion magazines or catalogs out of the mail and pair them with "Get the Hint" stickers so she can tell you exactly what she would like!

      4. Gift card with Points: Use a little intuition and buy your fashionista a gift card their favorite retailer. Be sure to ask if they have a rewards program and enroll them in that as well. As they buy, they begin to get coupons and deals in the mail and earn points toward future purchases. Its the gift that keeps on giving.

      5. Clothing: Caution here!! Buying clothing for another person is an extremely personal gift, with a lot of variables to integrate in order to make a successful purchase. You are essentially projecting your fashion style onto the other person and they may not like it.

      1. Never, never, never buy someone else pants, unless they have put them on hold for you to go pick up at the store.
      2. Choosing the right size can be difficult but choosing the wrong size can be catastrophic!
      3. Go with neutral ideas. Most adults have an opinion about their clothing so respect that and stick to neutral.
      4. Get help from a personal shopper or expert sales associate, it is what they are passionate about and they like to help!