Grill the Perfect Burger

      Culinary instructor Rachel Fredricks stopped by to teach Dave how to grill the perfect burger. Plus she shared a tomato and bacon jam with us!

      Tips for Grilling the Best Burger

      1. Choose meat with some fat, leaner beef will end up producing dryer burgers as the fat cooks out. 80/20 works well - I like 3/4 ground beef and 1/4 sausage blended

      2. Don't over handle the meat, gentle mixing is all that is needed

      3. Flatten the patties to 1/2" thickness with a small dimple in the middle, the burger will shrink while it cooks and you want it to fit the bun

      4. If you add internal ingredients like garlic or onions, make sure that the pieces are small, minced or grated, to help keep the patty from falling apart. (I like to add a panade, bread soaked in milk)

      5. Use a preheated, very hot 450-500*F. Don't overcook and let the meat rest for 4-5 minutes after cooking. A 1/2" patty will cook in just 2-3 minutes per side.

      6. Don't squash patty with spatula while it is cooking.

      7. If you are using cheese, grate the cheese and add at the very end.