Hampton Creek

      Can you imagine an eggwithout a chicken? A new start up is hatching a more sustainable way for a growing world to eat using plant-based technology for eggs. Hampton Creek has been singled out by Bill Gates as shaping the future of food, saying "meeting the demand for food with animals products isn't sustainable." Whole Foods is already using their products, such as Just Mayo, and it's available to consumers starting this month.

      Hampton Creek founder Josh Tetrick joined us to talk with us about how the way we eat will change in the future and how we think about food in an overpopulated world. Hampton Creek has found plants that scramble, bake up, and do everything the chicken egg can do. Their plant-based eggs, which are healthier and more affordable, have been discovered by millions of people around the world - from farmers in Southern India to subway passengers in Beijing. And now the plant-based eggs are appearing in products in your local Whole Foods.

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