Handwriting & Personality Type

      Certified Handwriting Expert Joyce Brizendine says handwriting analysis can reveal four different personality types: elephant, butterfly, frog & turtle. Take our quiz to see which personality type fits you!

      1. When talking with others:
      A. I count words and think before I speak
      B. I am straightforward and can be blunt
      C. I am quiet and have to be drawn out
      D. I am lively, friendly and open

      2. If I plan an activity, but get called to go out to a social gathering that I enjoy:
      A. I won't go out because the other activity was planned before
      B. I go by the whim and I change my plans
      C. I reshuffle my priorities and make time to go out
      D. I agonize over which is more important

      3. I enjoy stories and jokes that:
      A. Have subtle humor
      B. Are funny and get the whole group laughing
      C. Are clever and have a witty edge
      D. Has a plot to them

      4. I am best described as:
      A. Detailed and analytical
      B. Laid back and nonchalant
      C. Animated and talkative
      D. Outspoken and open

      5. When playing games such as cards, golf, etc.:
      A. I look to improve my game and keep analyzing how it could be done
      B. Whoever wins is fine with me
      C. I thrive on competition
      D. I enjoy socializing and the game itself, more than winning

      6. When I organize my work area:
      A. It's about time because it's so scattered, its confusing
      B. I'm doing so to save time later
      C. I'm a neat-nick and follow the motto, "There's a place for everything."
      D. I rarely do, I believe anything goes as long as I can find what I'm looking for

      7. I see myself as:
      A. Confident and self-assured
      B. Energetic and vivacious
      C. Reserved and comforting
      D. Laid back and relaxed

      It is called this because it describes for us our personality in correlation to a common specific animal. The traits that immediately come to mind when thinking of each animal (Butterfly: spontaneous; Elephant; strong; Frog: persistent; and Turtle; patient) are the same traits that are predominately found in the four basic personalities.

      Question #1
      A. Frog
      B. Elephant
      C. Turtle
      D. Butterfly

      Question #2
      A. Frog
      B. Butterfly
      C. Elephant
      D. Turtle

      Question #3
      A. Turtle
      B. Butterfly
      C. Elephant
      D. Frog

      Question #4
      A. Frog
      B. Turtle
      C. Butterfly
      D. Elephant

      Question #5
      A. Frog
      B. Turtle
      C. Elephant
      D. Butterfly

      Question #6
      A. Butterfly
      B. Frog
      C. Turtle
      D. Elephant

      Question #7
      A. Elephant
      B. Butterfly
      C. Turtle
      D. Frog

      Count your circled answers and place the number under the corresponding animal.