Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center

      Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic in the Portland area. Oregon has the highest rate of non-medical opiate abuse in the U.S. Last year, over 400 people died in Oregon from unintentional overdoses of medications that they were receiving from their medical provider. Dr. Andrew Mendenhall, Director of Hazelden Beaverton shared how Hazelden helps restore hope, healing, and health to people affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs. They are a national nonprofit organization, founded in 1949, and help individuals reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction.

      "Addiction and Co-occurring Disorders," is a conference that examines the disease of addiction and mental health issues such as depression, post-traumatic stress and anxiety, all major contributing factors to substance abuse that often get overlooked in the treatment and recovery process. Research shows that treating mental health issues and addiction at the same time dramatically increases one's likelihood for sustained recovery. Hazelden experts will present the latest information on treating co-occurring disorders and addiction. The conference takes place this Friday, October 11th at the Hilton in downtown Portland. Medical and mental health professionals can earn continuing education credits and continuing medical credits. Register by visiting or contacting 503-554-7925.