HB-101 All-Purpose Plant Vitalizer

      If you love to garden without the use of harsh chemicals, you need to know about HB-101 -- an all-purpose plant vitalizer.

      Masako Yamamoto joined us to show how HB-101 helps plants grow faster and stronger, how it helps repel pesky insects, and how it even helps home-grown fruits and vegetables taste better.

      You can find HB-101 All-Purpose Plant Vitalizer at this weekend's Yard, Garden & Patio Show or on the HB-101 website. For a list of their products, click here.

      HB-101 can be found at the following retailers:

      • Cornell Farm

      • Garden Fever!

      • Portland Nursery (both locations)

      • The Garden Corner

      • 101 Plants & Things (Bandon, OR)