Head off Holiday Pounds

      Fitness Expert Beth Oliver joined us with great trips for sticking with our healthy routines and keeping our families active through the busy holiday season.

      Halloween is the un-offical start to the Holiday Season. It can be challenging to fit in your workouts, eat healthy and maintain some time for family activities. Here are some hints to help you keep it all together without losing the spirit of the season.

      • Eat seasonally. These items will be fresh and less expensive in the marketplace. Plus, eating seasonally allows your family to try new things. Look for local farmers markets and bring the kids along as you shop. Slip in some conversation about nutrition. Choose a recipe to make together.

      • Create activities or events around simple things. Rather than just picking up your Halloween pumpkins at a grocery store, go to the pumpkin patch. Make it a fun family outing. It will get everyone out of doors and takes the emphasis off of just the candy.

      • Make a game out of chores like raking leaves. The physical activity is good for coordination and you can slip in some conversation about teamwork.

      • Create some Holiday-themed games and exercises:

      1. Pumpkin step-ups

      2. Pumpkin swings

      3. Frankenstein's

      4. Over/under relays

      5. Broom and pumpkin rolling races