"Hellstrip Gardening"

      Evelyn Hadden joined us this morning with tips from her book Hellstrip Gardening. What the heck is a hellstrip? A hellstrip is that leftover piece of land between the sidewalk and the street, also known as a boulevard, tree park, verge, inferno strip, or parking strip, depending on where you live. Regardless of the name, it's a place where lawns languish (or demand extra attention) and mature trees out compete their companions, where plants are trampled by pedestrians and sometimes vehicles, where road salt and stormwater runoff create tough growing conditions. It may be less accessible to mower and hose than the rest of the yard. In other words, it is a cause of frustration for many gardeners, and a challenging place in which to make a thriving garden.

      To find out more join Evelyn for her book event tonight at 7:30 at Powell's Books located at 1005 W Burnside in Portland.