Hidden Benefits of Food

      Is it possible to change your metabolism, reduce cholesterol, improve heart and circulatory health, enjoy healthier skin and hair, manage your weight and curb your food cravings without starving yourself or taking unhealthy supplements?

      David Sandoval, author of The Green Foods Bible and a world-renowned authority on whole food nutrition and disease prevention says, "YES!".

      By making the right food choices, "You won't suffer from irritability associated with most diets and can feel full longer, have more energy and look and feel better then you ever imagined," he says.

      Since everything happens on a cellular level, you can exercise your cells with the proper food choices and see dramatic results.

      Sandoval explains in easy-to-understand and practical terms how to eat these and other super foods daily to extract all their benefits, and why eating them raw will maintain enzymes to help keep you nourished, satisfied and on your way to a happier and healthier way of life.