Home Seller Beware

      Real Estate Expert Tammy Beckley shared what sellers should expect out of a real estate agent and what agents expect out of you. When entering into a listing contract with a real estate broker, Sellers often wonder what to look for, what their expectations should be and what role they play in the process.

      Here are a few guidelines to help you understand the role of your agent and to help you understand what your agent expects out of you!

      Sellers Expectations of Real Estate Agent:

      1. Your agent should have open, honest and frequent communication with you.

      2. Your agent should do more than get you to sign the listing, throw it into the RMLS system and then sit back and wait for your property to sell itself.

      3. Your agent should take into serious consideration your needs and ideas, put them into action if possible and work as a team with you.

      Real Estate Agents Expectations of Seller:

      1. Sellers should understand that their agent is the professional in this relationship and they should listen and give serious consideration to following their advice.

      2. Sellers should be helpful and willing participants in the process of selling their house.

      3. Sellers need to flexible, reasonably forgiving and learn to roll with the punches as the listing and sale of a home can throw everyone numerous curveballs when you least expect them.