Hope for Our Future on Earth

      In his internationally bestselling book THE WORLD WITHOUT US, Alan Weisman considered how the Earth could heal and even refill empty niches if relieved of humanity's constant pressures. Behind that groundbreaking thought experiment was his hope that we would be inspired to find a way to add humans back to his vision of a restored healthy planetonly in harmony, not mortal combat, with the rest of nature.

      But with a million more of us every 4 1/2 days on a planet that's not getting any bigger, and with our exhaust overheating the atmosphere and altering the chemistry of the oceans, prospects for a sustainable human future seem ever more in doubt. For this long awaited follow-up book, COUNTDOWN: Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth? Weisman traveled to 21 countries to ask four questions that experts agreed were probably the most important on Earthand also the hardest. Yet, he figured, we must try to answer them, if we want to have a world with us.

      Alan has a book signing and event at 7:30 tonight at Powell's Books located at 1005 W Burnside in Portland.