Host of "Pawnography" Christoper Titus

      Christopher Titus is bringing his hilarious wit to hosting duties on History's Pawnography. The half-hour game show features contestants competing against each other and 'The Pawn Stars' -- Rick, Corey & Chumlee -- in three fast paced rounds of trivia style questions. Contestants can win money and coveted items from the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawnshop. Filmed in front of a live audience on the Pawn Stars' home turf, Las Vegas, each episode of Pawnography will feature the Pawn Stars vigorously defending their treasured items from confident and brainy contestants. The cherished items up for grabs are from the Pawn Stars' personal collection and they don't want to give them up - this is the only game show that doesn't want the contestants to win!

      Airs 10pm Thursdays on the History Channel.