How Exercise Can Feel Easier

      Fitness Expert Beth Oliver joined us with simple strategies for helping our workouts feel easier.

      Here are Beth's tips:

      When the temperature is hot, cool off before working out. Drink a glass of ice water about a half hour before your workout, or after your warm-up dip your hands in a bowl of ice water.

      Distract yourself on days you're not working out very strenuously -- read a magazine or listen to up-tempo music. You'll get in a little movement and will enjoy it more while you're doing it.

      Workout with a friend -- even a four-legged friend. Studies show that dog owners are more physically active overall and walk about 30 minutes more than non-dog owners.

      Watch yourself in a mirror while doing cardio work or running. It might help you feel like you're exerting less effort and you'll expend less mental energy too.

      Drink a large cup of coffee before you workout. Caffeine in your system can help give you more positive feelings about your workout, better performance, less pain and you'll workout longer and harder.

      Drink beet juice. Drinking a half liter of beetroot juice a couple of hours before your workout will help increase blood flow in your body -- which will help you workout longer before getting tired.