How Sleep Can Help You Keep Those Resolutions

      Sleep. It refreshes us like nothing else. It can be occasionally elusive, almost always comforting, and definitely essential to our survival. And although we spend 33% of our lives asleep, we barely give it a moment's notice....until we can't sleep. Then we think about it to the point of obsession.
      For millions of people, the consequences of a poor night's sleep - higher stress, increased mistakes, difficulty concentrating - are every day occurrences. But it doesn't have to be this way.

      A New Mattress Does a Body Good
      A survey from the Divison of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School reveals that respondents who report getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night (7.5 is optimal) are more likely to be sleeping on a newer mattress (one to four years old). Survey results also show that those sleeping on a newer mattress are significantly more likely to engage in physical activities than those who sleep on older mattresses.

      Mike Vanier from BedCo Mattress Superstores shared this and other interesting information about how lack of sleep effects our health.

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