How to Make a "Loveinterest Board"

      Gettin' Artsy With Elida...Professional Artist Elida Field showed us how to make a "Loveinterest Board"
      Materials List:
      ~A piece of wood, cardboard, foamcore or frame with backing (anysize).
      ~burlap to fit your wood
      ~house paint or stain
      ~staple gun
      ~wooden pins, nails or decorative tacks
      ~mini clothes pins
      ~wire and little screws for hanging
      ~pictures, words, photographs, poems, and maps of places you love or things you love to do.
      How to create your "Loveinterest Board"
      1. Cut your burlap to the size of your board or slightly over if you want to wrap your board.
      2. With your regular house paint or acrylics, paint your board completely and then lay your
      burlap over the top. You can leave the edges exposed or wrap around the board and tack with
      3. Place two push pins into the wood the same distance from each edge and down from the top.
      Depending on the size of the wood, you could do one or two more rows.
      4. Tie your string around each pin or nail and connect to the other side. Depending on the size
      of the wood you may do two or three rows.
      5. Clip the clothes pins onto the string and begin attaching your favorite things. Before the
      picture goes up on your board, you must ask yourself if you "love, love, love it?" Only put the
      things that you love up on the board! It's a "loveinterest board" you should "love"
      everything you put on there!
      From "loving it" making it happen!
      The "Loveinterest Board" should serve as a reminder for you to live the life you love instead of
      the life you think you should live. As you stay focused, you will find yourself fulfilling some of the
      adventures you pinned. For instance, you might love Italy and really want to take a trip place a picture prominently in the middle of your board. Once you accomplish that goal, you could move it from your board to your "Loveinterest Book"! This book doesn't have to be fancy, but just a simple book where you can place your pictures as you fulfill your life, adventures, and doing those things you love!