How to Be a Good Neighbor

      Opportunities to share food abound, whether it's your annual block party, hosting duties for book club, or a desire to bring some comfort to an ailing or grieving friend. Yet so many of us stumble through these occasions because we don't know what to cook or don't think we have the time. (Do corn chips and bottled salsa ring a bell?)

      The Good Neighbor Cookbook is here to guide you confidently into your kitchen. Authors Suzanne Schlosberg and Sara Quessenberry created it around a simple premise: The gift of homemade food is a labor of love, but it need not be laborious.

      The cookbook offers one-stop recipe shopping for any good neighbor 125 hassle-free, easily transportable dishes perfectly matched to the occasion. You'll find high-energy snacks for nursing moms, nutrient-packed soups for recuperating friends, elegant appetizers for book-club meetings, beautiful comfort food for families in mourning and substantial breakfast fare for morning get-togethers.

      These aren't your grandmother's potluck recipes: You won't find "can of cream of mushroom soup" among the ingredients here. There's nothing too wild or fancy, either. These recipes are all about taste and fresh ingredients.