How to Ensure Small Business Success

      If you're dreaming of starting a new business in 2012, Theressa Davis of Comcast had some tips to ensure your best possible chances of success.

      Float your idea and discuss your target market with the smartest people you know.
      Rely on experts to make sure you cover the basics that can challenge small business owners.
      Consider a service-oriented business with low start-up costs.
      Be creative about your sources of funding.
      Look for flexible business partners that will support you over the long-term.
      Find office or retail space that caters to start ups and innovative businesses.
      Choose service providers that are with you for the long haul.
      A technology provider such as Comcast Business Class supports small businesses with fast Internet speeds, and unlimited long distance with low monthly rates.
      Comcast Business Class works with small, home-based start ups and can accommodate small businesses as they grow to employ tens, hundreds or even thousands of employees.