How to Get People to Love You!

      Non-Traditional Marketing Strategist Cathey Armillas says she can teach us all how to get someone to hire us, marry us or buy our products. She joined us with great tips from her new book, "The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: 9 1/2 Ways to Get People to Love You."

      Here are her Top 5 Rules:

      Rule #1: Consistency Beats Ability

      • Consistency is what builds your reputation. It's what you become known for. It's what people can expect of you. -It's better to be consistently good than occasionally excellent.

      Rule #2: Perception is Reality

      • It doesn't matter what you think you're portraying. What people think about you is ultimately their truth.

      • If you control perception, you control reality.

      Rule #6: Give Love to Get Love

      • You have to give love before you can expect loveand loyalty. Love is built by reciprocal affinity.

      Rule #7: Emotions Rule the World

      • We are emotional beings. Emotions influence our decisions and everything we do personally, professionally, and socially.

      • Rational arguments don't stand a chance against emotion. We will make decisions emotionally and justify rationally.

      Rule #9: Everything is Marketing

      • Every single thing you do affects how people perceive you and that's marketing. From the way that you dress, the people you associate yourself with to the pictures you post on Facebook.

      You'll find more information about "The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing" on our books page.