How to Hide Wrinkles

      Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger, Kendra Stanton, stopped by to reveal her tricks for hiding wrinkles and making cheekbones pop! She demonstrated her techniques on her beautiful mom.

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      As a makeup artist, highlighting and contouring is just part of any makeup application I do on myself or on a client. But I know for most people it can feel intimidating, so let me break down for you the areas to highlight and contour and show you what products I use.

      Tips for "popping" out wrinkles with highlighting:

      1. After you apply your foundation, use the your highlighter around the nasal labial folds (next to nose) and down towards the sides of your mouth. Those areas gain the most shadows. Make sure to blend well.
      2. Next highlight above your cheekbones; above where you apply your blush.
      3. To soften the "11s" in-between your brows, highlight in-between them with the same highlighting product and brush.
      4. Finish your highlighting around the deep crevices of your nose, chin, and add a little highlighter above your lip line to make it appear fuller.

      Tips for contouring cheekbones:

      1. With a matte bronzer and a contour brush, apply from the top of your ear, down in an angle right into the hollow that appears when you suck your cheeks in.
      2. Next, apply a blush that is lighter than the shade you used in the hollows of your cheeks to create dimension. A simple way to apply blush is by doing light handed circle 8s following the cheekbone.
      3. Then, apply your highlighter a tiny bit above where you placed your blush.

      Highlighting Products:

      • MAC Cosmetics Cream Colour Base in Shell for medium skin tones or Cream Colour Base in Pearl for lighter skin tones
      • Golden Bronze Iridescent Powder for more oily skin tones
      • Jouer Cosmetics Age Repairing Brightener for around nose, 11's and other fine lines and wrinkles.

      Highlighting Tools:

      • Duo Fiber Brush C404 from Morphe brushes (works well with creams and powders)

      Contouring Products:

      • Dark Skin Tones: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Med/Deep Matte Bronzer
      • Light Skin Tones: Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
      • Lighter contouring: Too Faced Beach Bunny Bronzer

      Contouring Tools:

      • MAC 109 Small Contouring Brush for more dramatic contouring
      • Morphe Brushes: C405 contour Blush for more natural contouring