How to Shape & Fill your Brows

      Makeup Artist Kelly Peach says our eyebrows are just as important as eye shadow or lip color, yet most women ignore them. Properly proportioned eyebrows frame the entire face and help bring balance and symmetry to all of your features.

      She stopped by to give eyebrows the attention they deserve -- with a step-by-step brow tutorial.

      First take the correct color shadow, this is normally one shade lighter than your brows and fill the brow in with your angle brush. Start at the beginning of the brow and fill in with tiny strokes. This helps you to achieve a natural and soft look.

      Second, take your brow pencil and pencil in the brow. Start at the tail of the brow and work into the center of the brow. Make sure you don't use to much pencil color, this can create more of a false look. Use your spooley to soften the look.

      Third, apply your highlighter under the brow to conceal any unwanted hair and help to pop your brows.

      You'll find more great beauty tips on Kelly's YouTube channel.