How to Take Great Pictures with Your Smart Phone

      Professional Photographer Lara Blair showed us three of her favorite apps for smart phone cameras.

      is a way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Take a photo with your iPhone, then choose a filter to run the image through for a cool effect. Your image is uploaded to the Instagram "world" and those who are following you will see your images as they are uploaded. You can also choose to follow people whose images you find interesting. It's quick, easy and free. This app is currently being developed for Android phones.

      is an application that brings back the look, feel, and fun of plastic toy cameras from the past. You can choose different cameras within the app like a Brownie camera and a pinhole camera, among others. It costs $1.99 and is currently only available for iphone. Android users can purchase a similar app called Retro Camera.

      Tilt-shift for Iphone
      gives the look of selective focus in an image that simulates a miniature scene. The edges appear blurred and the point of focus is usually in the center. This is a really fun app to use when you're up high on a bridge or balcony to capture the scene below. This app costs $1.99. There is a tilt shift app for Android currently on the market.