"Imperfect Spirituality" author Polly Campbell

      Polly Campbell, author of "Imperfect Spirituality," joined us to tell us why self-compassion is so important. She shared her tips for silencing our inner critic and practicing self-compassion:

      1. Notice self-talk, stop and write down verbatim what those inner voices are saying.

      2. Cultivate kindness. We're good at doing it for others, now give a bit back to yourself.

      3. Respond to every single negative emotion with compassion.

      You can meet Polly and hear her talk about "Imperfect Spirituality" at the following event:

      • Talk and Book Signing

      • Tonight at 7:30

      • Powell's on Hawthorne

      • 3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

      You'll find more information about "Imperfect Spirituality" on our books page.