Interview with Anne Mendel on "Etiquette for an Apocalypse"

      Looking for a dystopian/murder mystery/dark comedy? Then pick up Anne Mendel's Etiquette for an Apocalypse. The author joined us to talk about where the idea for the book came from, what she thinks about her characters and how she hopes people learn something from the book.

      It's the 2020 Apocalypse and Sophie Cohen, former social worker turned neighborly drug dealer, must keep her family alive amid those pesky end of the world issues: starvation, earthquakes, plagues, gang violence and alas more starvation.She investigates a serial killing and takes down the sinister emerging power structure while learning to use a pizza box solar oven, bond with her chickens and blast tin cans from the perimeter fence with a Ruger 9MM.

      In order to accomplish all this she must find a way to love her mother, accept her daughter's adulthood and reignite her moribund marriage. She might discover that a decentralized, consensus driven lifewithout fossil fuels, iPhones and chocolate clairsisn't the end of the world, after all.

      For more information on Etiquette for an Apocalypse, visit Anne's website.