Interview with Lois Leveen on "The Secrets of Mary Bowser"

      Based on a remarkable true story, The Secrets of Mary Bowser by Lois Leveen is an inspiring tale of one daring woman's willingness to sacrifice her own freedom to change the course of history. The Portland-based author joined us to share the story behind the book and how it was a labor of love many years in the making.

      All her life, Mary has been a slave to the wealthy Van Lew family of Richmond, Virginia. But when Bet, the willful Van Lew daughter, decides to send Mary to Philadelphia to be educated, she must leave her family to seize her freedom.

      Life in the North brings new friendships, a courtship, and a far different education than Mary ever expected, one that leads her into the heart of the abolition movement. With the nation edging toward war, she defies Virginia law by returning to Richmond to care for her ailing father--and to fight for emancipation. Posing as a slave in the Confederate White House in order to spy on President Jefferson Davis, Mary deceives even those who are closest to her to aid the Union command.

      Just when it seems that all her courageous gambles to end slavery will pay off, Mary discovers that everything comes at a cost--even freedom.

      For more information, visit Lois' website.