Is 2014 a Good Year to Sell Your Home?

      Real Estate Expert Tammy Beckley shared her forecast for the 2014 real estate market.

      1. More homes will be available
      Short supply drove rapid price increases at the beginning of 2013, but watch for that to change next year. notes that the inventory (homes available for purchase) shortage began to soften in February. New construction and rising prices should bring more homes, both new and old, on to the market in 2014, helping inventory return to traditional levels.

      2. Mortgage rates will rise - a little
      Online real estate database Zillow predicts rates will hit 5% by the end of 2014-up from the 4s and 3s of late, but still well within normal levels.

      3. Home prices will rise 3%
      Redfin and Zillow are predicting that home prices will rise between 3% and 5% in 2014. For comparison's sake, 2013 saw jumps of 5% nationally, with increases of more than 20% in some hot spots. These gains, while beneficial in many ways, were also unsustainable and well above historic norms for healthy, balanced markets," says Dr. Stan Humphries, Zillow's chief economist. "This year, home value gains will slow down significantly because of higher mortgage rates, more expensive home prices, and more supply created by fewer underwater homeowners and more new construction.

      4. Americans will move - to Portland!
      Rising prices, a reversal of underwater mortgages, and easier credit will free Americans up to move. But next time they'll choose smaller homes in more affordable locations. Redfin is predicting that new lending regulations-which make it harder to borrow more-will send Americans to less expensive hubs like Portland, Denver, Austin, Richmond, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, and Raleigh.

      5. Foreclosures have faded
      The once booming foreclosure market has slowed, with September 2013 the 36th straight month of year-over-year decreases in foreclosure activity, nearly 33% down from the end of 2012. The declines should continue with the overall housing recovery.

      All healthy and good news for the real estate industry in 2014.