Japan's Favorite Snack Food: Onigiri

      Want a quick and easy snack that travels well? Try the Japanese version of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich: "Onigiri" (rice balls). Food Blogger Brandie Kajino showed Helen a few different variations on this quick snack.

      Three things you should know:
      1. Inexpensive, 2. Travels well, 3. Easy to make

      Rice is really important - has to be "sticky rice". Make in a rice cooker or a pot - your choice.
      Make sure the rice is cool enough to handle - leave it out on the counter while you prepare the other ingredients.

      Three ways to make it:

      1. Seasoning: "furikake" or a little salt.

      2. Nori: Seasoned seaweed on the outside

      3. With a filling: Choose one you like!
      - salmon or tuna with/without mayo
      - Other fillings: asian pickles, shrimp, seaweed salad, "Umeboshi" (Japanese pickled plum), kimchee, leftover meat (pork, fried chicken),