Journey to the Center of the Internet

      Andrew Blum's fascinating new book, Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet explains the unexplainable.Everyone uses the internet but few people really understand how it actually works.
      Andrew's engaging narrative takes readers on a journey around the world to discover how it all functions. From the room in L.A. where the Internet began to the busiest streets in Manhattan as new fiber optic cable is laid down; from the coast of Portugal as a new transatlantic undersea cable that connects West Africa and Europe is laid down to the Great Pyramids of our time, the monumental data centers that Google and Facebook have built in the wilds of Oregon -- Blum visits them all to chronicle the dramatic story of the Internet's development and explain how it all works.

      Andrew has a book event tonight at Powell's on 10th & W Burnside at 7:30.