Keep Pets Safe This 4th of July

      While fireworks are fun for people, they can be frightening for pets and sadly, more pets are lost on the 4th of July than any other time of year. Pet Expert Cheryl Hansen shared suggestions to keep your pets safe and ideas about what you can do if your pet becomes lost or if you find a lost pet:

      Be sure ID is current! Have a current photo of your pet available should you need it for identification purposes.
      Avoid large crowds and big outdoor fireworks events. Pets should be kept at home, inside.
      Keep your pet indoors in a safe, secure space. Crate your pet if it will feel more comfortable. Turn on the TV, play a radio, pull down the shades or draw the curtains. Shut out as much noise and commotion as possible.
      With overly anxious dogs, consider using a tranquilizer or natural product, Rescue Remedy. Also consider using a Thundershirt to swaddle the dog and create a more secure feeling.
      Keep animals away from lighter fluids, matches, other flammable oils and especially your fireworks!!
      Don't use insect repellants or human sunscreen on dogs or cats.
      Avoid sharing scraps from the grill to prevent stomach upset. A sudden change in diet can cause gastric issues.
      Keep pets out of the alcoholic drinks!

      If you lose your pet
      List on services like Craigslist.,

      Post with county shelters and follow up by checking AT the shelter the following day.
      Post signs using the pet's photo in your neighborhood.
      Canvas the neighborhood.

      If you find a pet
      Think personal safety first before approaching a frightened animal.
      Follow the same steps when you find a pet as when you lose one.
      Be sure you withhold an identifying characteristic of the pet so you return to the proper owner.