Kick Into Courage Fundraiser for 7-Year-Old Cole Smith

      7 year-old Sherwood resident Cole Smith, is suffering the traumatic effects of deep-seated, potentially fatal brain arachnoid cysts -- he is constantly in pain, keeping him from playing soccer, riding his bike, building Lego towers and all of the things kids love to do. He is losing vision in one eye, suffers migraines making him sensitive to sound and light and nausea & dizziness are constant.

      Cole's family is raising money so that he can undergo brain surgery in Los Angeles at the Skull Base Institute. The surgery involves making a small dime-sized incision behind the ear, accessing the cysts with endoscopic tools and essentially vacuuming them out. The more common approach to removing such cysts requires sawing through the skull and and pushing aside the brain to remove it. This antiquated procedure can result in major complications and patients often spend weeks in recovery. The updated endoscopic approach that Cole hopes to undergo generally allows patients to return home within 48 hours of the surgery and the success rate is nearly 100%.

      Cole and his family are inviting the public to attend a fundraiser on September 8th at the Heron Lake Golf Course in Portland, tickets are $100 per person. Through various fundraising efforts, Cole's family hopes to raise more than $100,000 that will help cover costs of travel, hospital stays and surgical costs their insurance will not cover.

      For more information on the golf scramble, click here. For more information on Cole's condition, visit his website. Or to make a donation to help fund Cole's surgery, click here.