Living Tips to Help You Change Your Life

      Gary Quinn is an intuitive, motivational life coach and author of Living in the Spiritual Zone and the upcoming new book The Yes Frequency : A Simple System to Create the Life You Want .

      Whether it's a new job or a better relationship with your parents or finding true love, Gary shared his five steps to changing your life to have the one you want!

      Gary has a book event at 7:00 tonight at New Renaissance Books located at 1338 NW 23rd in Portland.

      1. Be willing to change:
      Willingness is essential. It's your life; nobody can change it but you. If you aren't willing to change, then nothing in this world can make you do so. To build the willingness to change, first you should realize that your life can be better than it is now. No matter how good your life is, it can always be improved.

      2. Ask the Right Questions: What is holding you back?

      Find out what's holding you back and what stands in your way. You must visualize and "see the future" as a big part of leading a successful life. Really look at what FEAR is holding you back. Is it time, bad habits, money or self belief? Once you are clear, you can move forward.

      3. Forgive everyone and everything. Release the past.

      There's a part of you that knows the gift you receive when choosing to forgive is much greater than any payoff you receive while holding onto anger. Make a daily habit of forgiving yourself and anyone you may be holding onto any resentment. It will free you up.

      4. Create a Confidence Persona

      Self-Belief is a difficult concept. If it is high we feel great about ourselves, and if it is low we feel bad about ourselves. The higher our self-belief the more likely we are to achieve our full potential, and the lower our self-belief the more inhibited and worthless we may feel. Do daily items that make you feel good about yourself. Positive speaking about yourself, exercising and eating a well balanced diet.

      5. Learn how to USE daily affirmations effectively

      Affirmations are powerful words that can create powerful change. By constantly repeating positive affirmations to yourself, you can create positive subconscious thoughts. That will automatically create big change. Repeat them about 20 to 30 times a day. As you speak them, feel the positive emotions, and let them flow through you.