Lucky Message Magnets

      Professional Artist Elida Field showed us how to make "Lucky Message Magnets".

      "Message Magnets"

      Along with St. Patty's Day, March also marks the beginning of Spring! With Spring comes busier schedules, and more outside activities! Stay connected by showing where you are at all times as well as how you might be feeling that day with these inventive and fun "Message Magnets!" This is an easy project that's fun for the whole family! Everyone can participate by bringing to the table their favorite pictures & words to describe upcoming activities and interests!
      Materials List:
      ~1-3 bags of clear glass drops. They range from 1"-3" in size.
      ~type out and print ..."I", "am" , "going" & "to". You can print pictures of destination or write these out as well. Make sure you size them appropriately to fit inside your glass drops. Preferably print on a laser printer as opposed to an inkjet printer because of the ink bleeding.
      ~pencil and eraser
      ~diamond glaze glue
      ~Amazing E-6000 heavy glue (optional)
      ~ceramic disc magnets
      How to create "Message Magnets"
      1. Go onto the computer and print out all images and words to be used for your project. If you don't have a computer, or want to be even craftier...sift through books, magazines, photographs etc.
      2. Once printed, grab a few of your glass drops and lay them over the images. Using your diamond glaze, carefully put the glue on top of the image and then squish the glass drop over rock over the top, pressing down hard enough to disperse the glue to the edges. Let it sit for a bit before moving on. You could also use the diamond glaze over the back side of the paper once it's glued on to give it a sealed, glossy finish.
      3. Once dried completely, add a small drop of Amazing E-6000 to the back of the rock and press the magnetic disc firmly down. Place the magnets upside down until completely dried. Then you can add them to your refrigerator or message board! In cases where the paper is white, you might want to seal with the diamond glaze so the magnet won't bleed through to the front.
      You can create "Feeling Message Magnets" by choosing words that describe how you are feeling that day. It's a creative way to get your kids to talk with you and share. You could create a special rock with one positive word that describes them. Have them keep it with them at all times. This sort of magical rock can be their good luck charm and a constant reminder that you are always there with them!