Make A Positive First Impression

      Whether it is attending a New Year's Eve Party solo or altering how present yourself in the new year; the basic rules are the same. Psychotherapist and life coach Didi Zahariades, MA, joined us to share ways to make a positive first impression:

      1. Perspective. We all start out equal. From the first hand shake you have an opportunity to be the you that you want to present. Make the choice to be your very best with realistic standards. You are most likely your worst critic. Allow yourself to see the best you and that is the person others will meet. This is where it starts what do you say to you each day?

      2. Practice this is a Performance. Being fabulous doesn't just happen. You have to have the experience and sometimes this may come from preparation. Consider turning on your ON switch. Think ahead of time about a few topics that are interesting to you so you can be interesting to others. Is there something fun you read in the news? Get interesting! Always have a couple of topics, ideas or stories that you can bring out if the time allows. Have a conversation with your mirror do you want to talk to you?

      3. Posture. This is the physical you. Physical interaction starts before you say anything; own your space. Stand tall; literally. Plan out what you will wear and like it! Be comfortable walking through a room. Have a good eye contact with each person you talk to you and those you want to talk to! Let go of the need to be comfortable it is over rated and unnecessary. Everyone is visual and confidence will win over looks every time!

      4. Play. Have fun. When it appears you are having a good time it will attract others fun attracts fun! Be the person others want to meet. If you are attending a party solo then 'fake it til you make it' Push past and ignore your awkward feelings & eventually you will start enjoying it. Actively Smile at each person you meet. Laugh. Think about kids on a playground asking others --- they don't know --- to join!

      5. Pause. Listen more than you talk. People tend to like people who listen to them. Frankly it is important to know when to simply shut-up. You don't have to be the life of the party to make a great first impression; it is very powerful to be the person who can get others to feel great.

      For more information, visit Didi's website.